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Digital print
wall panel

Digital print 
wall panel

Kingdomfloor with a long history of environmental and innovated production, has been a forerunner to apply digital printing in spc throughout years of research, discovering a new land of digital printing products, helping to awaken and develop human’s creativity,and making home decoration more diverse, rich, and unified.


Perfect combination with aesthetic points, Lines and faces, showing a beautiful and sense of technology, conveying abstract mental feelings.


Only through comparison can we know the true whiteness.Pure white, high purity, bright.


Abstract artistic expression, vivid and not messy.


The product restores the beauty of nature with digital stones. Simple color, distinct layers, quiet and elegant, is the treasure of gray stone series.


The background color is pure white, the gray line like silk, the color is soft and warm, just like a natural ink painting, the jade texture is incisively and vividly displayed.


The pursuit of beauty is the nature of all living things in world. Unique stone texture performance, finding inspiration and shaping your life. Build a unique colorful art life